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BJAA & IAAP Membership

Our internationally recognised membership, allows anyone trained as a Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapist to practice as one internationally.*

BJAA and IAAP Membership benefits

Become part of the bpf Clinical Service and receive free referrals;

Access to a large network of psychotherapy professionals, academics and researchers (from both Jungian and psychoanalytic disciplines) through specialist networking groups, reading groups and an online forum;

Journals: access academic publications and online journals. Members have access to our collection of online journals wherever they are including: Infant Observation, International Journal of Jungian Studies, Journal of Child Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy;

Access to other organisation resources: BJAA and IAAP Members can also browse the online catalogues of nine other related academic organisations. These organisations include Institute of Psychoanalysis, Institute of Group Analysis and Society of Analytical Psychology;

Updates on the latest news and findings in psychotherapy through our newsletter;

Advice: practical guidance for legal and ethical procedures for qualified therapists in the UK;

Mentoring: search our members’ directory to find a mentor or supervisor, who can provide guidance, whether you’re training or qualified.

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Become an BJAA and IAAP Member

Entry requirements

Applicants must have completed a BJAA course, or an equivalent training.  Membership is open to UK and internationally-based applicants.

Application process

Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis by the bpf team. Application takes five to ten working days to process. Applicants may be invited for an online interview to discuss their application. Applicants are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How to apply

Contact us to find out more at membership@bpf-psychotherapy.org.uk

*Regional and country laws depending. Individuals are advised to check the local country where they intend to practice, to ensure this is applicable.

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