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Here you can find a therapist to help you according to your needs, location and budget.

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View our directory of qualified bpf members.

Arrange a consultation

Get help from our clinical services professionals to find a suitable therapist.

Enquire about low-fee intensive therapy (3 times per week)

We offer intensive psychotherapy at a low fee, offered by experienced trainees.

Enquire about low-fee couples therapy

Couples therapy is provided by experienced trainees who are undertaking an advanced training in psychotherapy. Sessions take place once per week.

Enquire about low-fee once-weekly therapy

We offer once-per-week psychotherapy at a low fee, provided by trainees.

Find a therapist directory

All bpf therapists undertake intensive training before qualifying. Those listed in the bpf directory are all fully qualified and have undertaken at the minimum, four years of training coupled with intensive clinical work and other experience. 

Why choose the bpf?

To select a bpf therapist, is to pick a professional, who you know you can trust and will help you.

All of our therapists are members of at least one professional therapy body, meaning they adhere to a strict code of conduct. We, the bpf also have a strict code of conduct which all members must follow.

Book a consultation

If you would like help finding the right therapist, we have a specialist team to help. You can book an individual one-hour consultation for £60 with a member of the team and following this, you will be matched with a suitable therapist, according to your requirements.

Specialist services

We also offer specialist services for those based in London and the south-east. These are in-person individual sessions with a training therapist, available at a discounted rate. Please note: these  intensive therapy sessions require individuals to be available three times a week for a minimum of two years.