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Associate Membership

If you’re looking to develop your knowledge of psychotherapy, without committing to formal study, the bpf Associate Membership will help.

Access resources that enrich and inform

The Associate Membership is ideal for individuals without any prior experience, or qualifications in psychotherapy, who wish to learn more in their own time.

Associate Membership is also for anyone seeking to deepen understanding of psychotherapy, having previously undertaken casual reading around the area. With access to a blend of psychotherapy resources, events and our respected British Journal of Psychotherapy, the bpf Associate Membership is the perfect option for anyone wanting to undertake informal learning at their own pace.

With the Associate Membership, I can learn about psychotherapy when I want.

Steven, journalist and bpf Associate Member

Why join the bpf?

bpf is the only organisation to provide training and membership for psychoanalytic and Jungian psychotherapy in Europe. We provide credible, comprehensive and accurate information about psychotherapy and are a trusted source of psychotherapy academic resources.

I love the quality of the bpf resources.

Amrita, researcher, bpf Associate Member

Associate Membership benefits

Access our popular British Journal of Psychotherapy, providing academic grounding from some of the leading professionals in psychotherapy today;

Access to our back catalogue of British Journal of Psychotherapy editions;

Downloadable bpf psychotherapy content to build knowledge;

Discounted access to bpf events online and onsite including online webinars, lectures and in-person seminars.

Requirements to become an Associate Member

There are no prior requirements to become an Associate Member. Applications are welcome from individuals with a casual interest in psychotherapy to those without knowledge or experience, but want to understand more about human behaviour.


Associate Membership is available to UK and international applicants.  

Membership fee

Annual subscription: £279
Monthly subscription: £25 (£300 a year)

How to apply

You can apply by clicking here.

Have a question?

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